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The American College of Pediatricians says the family table is one of the few places children can observe their parents interact, solve problems, negotiate, and express emotions. Those who want to make family meals part of their routines can consider these tips.

Celebrate your ethnic culture

One enjoyable way to spend time together and learn more about what makes your family tick is to focus on cultural meals when dining. Set aside one day each week to prepare ancestral meals as a family. Enlist the help of the children when preparing meals and play some traditional music while cooking and dining.

Make it kids’ choice

Allow children to choose the menu on certain days off the week. Give them the responsibility of choosing the recipe and take them along to shop for the ingredients. Children who help plan and prepare meals can learn valuable life skills and learn how to make smart food choices.

Dine out when you can

Make excuses to dine out. Set up a white board in a high-traffic area of the house. Each family member can jot down a restaurant they want to try. Then once or twice a month pick from the list and hit the town. Nights out give children a chance to practice their social skills and behavior while providing families a chance to connect.

Family meals pay various dividends. Finding time to dine together can help parents build strong families