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...are care-related. Women should get out regularly so they can focus on themselves and enjoy their relationships with friends.

■ Have a reason to get dolled up

When other responsibilities take priority, putting on makeup or wearing nice clothing can take a back seat. Girls’ night out provides a reason to wear fancy clothes, do your hair and don a little mascara. Girlfriends tend to notice these beautifying changes and offer compliments — which can be a nice ego boost.

■ Girls’ night out is a free therapy session

It won’t take the place of counseling provided by a licensed therapist, but a girls’ night out offers a chance to get things off your chest and seek advice from friends who may be in similar situations.

■ You can indulge a little and laugh along the way

Loosening up with a glass of wine can help the conversation flow. Nights out with friends also will probably lead to a few laughs, which can certainly be helpful when life seems a tad overwhelming. Regular nights out with friends can make it a bit easier for moms to juggle the responsibilities of being a mom, a caregiver or both.