Home and Garden Summer 2019
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iwho like the large-format tiles that offer marble’s appearance without its cost and maintenance, Grilli said. With options from rectangular to plank sizes and vein-cut options, marble look is versatile and compliments both classic and contemporary design.

Concrete-look tile is a hit for urban- or contemporary-style walls and floors and works with both warm and cool color palettes, Grilli said.

For a bold look, the combination of black and white marble-look tiles really pops, Grilli said. For something sexy and dramatic, opt for porcelain tiles embedded with metallic flecks, she said.

Larger-scale tile in marble, metallic and concrete looks pack a visual punch and are perfect for countertops, floors and backsplashes, Grilli said. Made of porcelain rather than natural stone, they won’t stain or scratch.

“Put one of these big panoramic slabs in your backsplash; it’s really like it’s stainless,” she said. “There is no grout. There is no break or interruption in the visible part, so it’s really like having a big slab of marble, but with all the advantages of the porcelain and the cost of the porcelain.”

For a calming and relaxing interior, a flowing travertine stone look with porcelain floor or wall tiles creates a spa-like atmosphere.

“The spa look inside the house is something that is very popular now because it contributes to the idea of comfort and elegance,” Grilli said.

When choosing what tile is right for a home, pick something that fits your personality but focus on the overall look that you want to achieve, Grilli said. Visit design galleries and studios and speak with designers who can show what’s available and how to create a specific look.