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Extend your living space outdoors
By Melissa Erickson
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One way to extend your living space is to blur the transition between indoors and out through material and design choices.

“There are really great indoor/outdoor fabrics available now, so one technique is to use the same fabric indoors as well as outdoors and it creates a really strong relationship between the two,” said Mark Cutler, president of Mark Cutler Design in Los Angeles.

Indoor/outdoor fabrics “can be applied on decorative pillows or used to make outdoor drapery that can provide shade and help create an outdoor oasis,” said interior designer and blogger Dayna Hairston, owner of Dayziner in Cary, North Carolina. “You can transition your color palette from indoor to out with ease using these low-maintenance, hardworking fabrics.”

A partial-height window treatment will also welcome the outdoors in, said interior designer and design blogger Carla Aston of Aston Design Studio in The Woodlands, Texas.

“Often, people need privacy at the bottom part of a window, not so much at the top. Top/down, bottom/up shades are handy in this situation, or cafe-style curtains for a softer look,” she said. “Getting rid of valances that hide the top part of the window can increase light and airiness in a space.”

Bring the energy and foot traffic of the home outdoors with an al fresco dining area, said Rachel Blindauer, principal of Rachel Blindauer Interior Design in San Francisco.

“I like to separate indoors from outdoors with large glass accordion doors because when open it erases the wall and any separation,” she said.

“I then often bring natural elements indoors like plants, wicker and other natural materials.”

Another idea is to use the same flooring in both spaces.

“Maybe bring the stone or tile from outside into your interior; that way there is a seamless transition,” Cutler said.

Finally, furnish the exterior like a real room.

“For too long people have just thrown a few wrought iron chairs outdoors and called it a day. If you want it to feel like a real room that relates to your interior, then design it the same way,” Cutler said.