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She pointed to her arm, proving that she still gets goosebumps thinking about the transformative moment.

When she envisions the future of the square she sees a place that’s starts to grow again, a community of businesses that withstood the online-shopping onslaught to maintain their little slice of the market. A place even, she said, that may have expanded to include new businesses.

At least, she’ll do all she can to get it to that point, with the help of her fellow Square businesses.

“I love my town, I really do.”

Lori’s Day in Washington

Lori Peifer is the owner of Lori’s Kitchen Store, and a champion of the Washington Community. This is what she would do if she had one free day in Washington.

The Blend
“I’d probably start off at The Blend down the way — 1130 Peoria St. — and have coffee, I’d probably have two if I have to confess." (Peifer’s drink of choice is a latte.)

A bike ride and a walk
Peifer credits the city for their efforts to establish the trailheads across Washington, and suggests that if you have a bike — preferably purchased from Russell’s, she said — that you take a ride on one of them, and perhaps wrap up the activity with a walk in one of the city’s parks.

Burger and fries
“I’ve been known to get a good burger at The Blacksmith (101 Washington Square) or I’d probably go to Brickhouse (1021 N Cummings Ln.) I’d probably go to one of those two to get something to eat. The fries at the Brickhouse are kind of addicting.”

Your local Uncle Bob’s retailer
Uncle Bob’s ice cream is a regional staple in central Illinois, and Peifer is no stranger to her local haunt that supplies it.

“The caramel corn place down the way, Holland’s Caramel Corn (127 Washington Square) has Uncle Bob’s ice cream… I might have a sign on my door that says back in five minutes, went to get ice cream. I have done that.”