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Farmers Market brings more to Morton
By Montana Samuels
Times Reporter

It’s a striking name, the Morton Farmers Market N’ More. What, indeed, is the more that the market is providing?

Within the parking lot at 225 E. Jefferson St. across from Jefferson Elementary on June 4 – the market’s opening day – vendors lined the parking stalls offering up what was, indeed, more than just food off the farm. (Though there is fresh produce as well.)

One of the vendors, Pattie Thompson, bakes fresh bread in the wood-fired ovens at Cheese Nuts Pizzeria in Peoria and brings those loaves to the market in Morton.

Thompson has brought The Hidden Dove, her wood fired artisan bread baking outfit, to the Morton Farmers Market for the first time.

“I taught myself how to make the breads … and I liked doing it so I was just looking for places (to sell it),” said Thompson.

Sarah Taylor of Sitka Salmon Shares in Galesburg was also experiencing her first time at the market.

Sitka is a Community Supported Fishery, or CSF, and offers wild caught Alaskan fish. As a CSF, explained Taylor, they do home deliveries of seafood from April through December during fishing season through the fishery’s share program.

The goal of the company...